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The Kickback is one stylish caravan,  quality built with the adventurous in mind, this excellent off road van has  the ability to handle all kinds of conditions.

Proudly constructed with aluminium frame, aluminium composite wall frames,2 x solar panel 170w, 2 x 120AGM batteries, 4″ raiser, control rider twin shock suspension, 16″ wheels, 3.5 ton DO35 coupling, Supagal chassis and 6″ extended A frame.

Internally the Kickback exudes comfort and style,  with genuine leather lounge, post form bench tops, acrylic splashbacks, strip lighting to highlight the up modern interior design. 

With new external colours and stickers now available, it will be a very impressive sight to be seen on the roads. 

Ranging from  13′ to a 22’6″ in size the Kickback has a lot to offer.


Not all offroad caravans are created equally. Some are little more than rebadged blacktop tourers with independent suspension bolted underneath and a DO35 coupling whackedon up front. Others, though, are purpose-built machines.

The Kick Back Off-Road falls squarely in the latter category. And to cater for a wide range of wants, needs and towing capacities, it’s available in arrange of sizes, from 13ft to 22ft 6in. The most popular in the Kick Back Off-Road stable, however, is our review van. With its 20ft 6inexternal body length, it balances living spacewith an ability to traverse bush tracks, though as with all large caravans, tight corners can prove challenging. 


The Kick Back Off-Road doesn’t have a rear cutaway; however, it does offer decent ground clearance, with a 6in chassis fitted with a 4in raiser.

Control Rider TS independent coil suspension is fitted, too. The van has an aluminium frame and aluminium composite panels. And as we wound along the tracks, up and down hills and over various lumps and bumps, it gave no hint of instability.

In terms of 12V power, the Kick Back Off-Road gets dual 120Ah deep-cycle bat- teries, a 60A Victron charger, and 340W worth of solar on the roof, not to mention an MPPT solar regulator.

Legend Trackline Offroad by Explorer RV
Legend Kickback Offroad by Explorer RV


The interior is warm and inviting, set off by downlights and LED strip lighting above the overhead cabinets. The layout doesn’t break new ground but in the Kick Back Off-Road, it is particularly well executed. Up front, the van has a queen-size bed with plenty of walk-around space. 

The dual batteries are kept in the storage space beneath but there’s still lots of room for your gear.  The wardrobes each have a 240V and 12V powerpoint, not to mention a side ‘nook’ for easy access.

 The dinette has a tri-fold table, yet more 240V and 12V points, overhead storage and more. The interior balances form and function well, and that’s on display in the kitchen.  Not only does it contain the essentials, there’s a decent amount of bench space – not always a given. Between the dinette and bathroom, on the offside, Legend has fitted a large compressor fridge freezer and a full-height pantry. Finally, the bathroom. 

It’s not the largest ensuite I’ve seen, but nor is it the smallest. It does, however, contain everything you’d expect, including a front-loading washing machine. 

With a couple of cupboards and a range of drawers, I don’t think storage space will be an issue in the bathroom.


A true offroader, in my opinion, has to have a adequate water storage. The Kick Back Off-Road has dual 95L tanks and even a 110L grey water tank. This van has a generous payload capacity of 800kg – so carrying more water if you needed to shouldn’t be a problem. 

A checkerplate storage box is mounted on the drawbar, behind a mesh stoneguard which also protects dual 9kg gas cylinders. The storage box also contains a nearside slide-out tray on which you could mount a portable barbecue – our review van was fitted with an optional Weber Q. A slide-out tray on the offside could be used for a 2kVA generator. An LED light bar is mounted to the front and rear which, coupled with the dual LED awning lights, will allow you to really light up the campsite at night.

The van also has scrub rails either side for protection. Speaking of which, the underside appears quite well protected and while there is some exposed PVC plumbing at the rear, it’s mounted quite high and out of the line of fire.


22f6i Kick Back
21f6i Kick Back
20f6i Kick Back
19f6i R Door 1
17f6i Trackline Offroad
15f Trackline
13f6i Van
22f6i Kick Back
21f6i Kick Back
20f6i Kick Back
19f6i R Door 1
17f6i Trackline Offroad
15f Trackline
13f6i Van
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