off-road caravan

Are you currently on the hunt for an off-road caravan but struggling to determine which is the right one for you and your family?

We are not going to tell you why you shouldn’t buy one of our competitors caravans because at the end of the day the choice is made based on what you feel is right for you and your family. What we are going to do is help make the decision process easier by highlighting some of the key features required to improve your off-road travel experience. 

Every off-road caravan is built slightly different but all with the end result in mind and that is to withstand the rough terrains it may encounter. 


The Explorer RV caravans are all made using machine riveted aluminium frames and composite walls. This helps with the weight of the caravan and therefore the towing capability. The heavier the caravan the beefier the tow vehicle will need to be.


The suspension system is made by Australian made as is the chassis.  It not only looks tough but oozes strength and ability.

The Explorer RV caravan chassis are made by  using  state-of-the-art computer aided design technology. Every chassis undergoes rigorous physical testing to make sure they meet Australian design rules. 


The wheels and tyres on your caravan and vehicle is the single most important safety feature and that is why we use MPC 16″ wheels and all terrain tyres. MPC Mags and Tyres began supplying the caravan industry in 1997 offering premium quality mags and tyres for safe travelling. 


The lower part of the sides and front of Explorer RV caravans are protected by strong checker plate skirtings with the added protection of a stone guard on the front. 


Fitted with 2x gas cylinders, solar, reverse cycle aircon, ample water storage, Lithium batteries, smoke detector, fire extinguisher and front, side and rear external lighting, Explorer RV  caravans have everything required for off-road travelling.


For those that want a bit of luxury when travelling off-road, Explorer RV has you covered with top quality appliances, your very own bathroom and kitchen, queen gas lift bed with innerspring mattress and cafe or club lounge.