Explorer RV Vans are produced at our state-of-the-art manufacturing facility which incorporates the latest technology and equipment to produce high-quality, durable, and functional caravans. Our facility excels in efficiency, technology and scalability.

To produce one of the best finished vans on the market designed for the customer to experience the quality of the caravan but also have the van of your dreams to take you on many adventures for years to come.



Aluminium frames are a great choice for caravan construction due to their light weight, strength and durability properties . Compared to traditional frames, aluminium frames offer many advantages such as being corrosion resistant, wont rot and with their superior durability, they can withstand the rigors of on and off road conditions. Their superior longevity is well known compared to other materials on the market and lastly it is a big advantage for resale value. 

A major factor of how the aluminuim framing is constructed is the Self Piercing Rivet System that is the very same way how they rivet aircraft aluminium together by a machine pushing the rivet into the aluminium framing which in turn allows for movement and flexibility which is paramount in a true full off-road caravan but maintains strength at all times.


Is constructed of a one-piece polycarbonate honeycomb floor panel which is extremely strong but lightweight and features similar qualities to the aluminium in that it is durable, strong and corrosion resistant.


One piece Fiberglass Roof panel that also is lightweight but strongly eliminating the need for joins as well as having the added bonus of being resistant to hail.

Plus you also have an enhanced ceiling throughout the van giving the look of elegance but also being functional with any marks easily wiped of the surface.


All cabinetry is manufactured from high quality acrylic capped ABS and features a reverse side treatment for superior bonding performance and features multi layer barrier protection, Easy to clean, resists fading ,Waterproof and anti-finger print resistant technology. With a large selection of colours in Matte or Gloss this gives the customer an extensive range to choose from.

Cabinetry is securely fixed to the van with gas hinged doors, quality hinges that have adjustments , metal latches , soft close draws and doors with push lock capability to ensure that when you are travelling that those draws and doors cant fling open.

For superior offroad strength, the cabinetry is constructed so that the panels are interlocked giving the cupboards extra strength and stability for those rough off road sections that you will encounter in your travels.  This interlocking method makes these vans tougher and more resilient offroad than other brands. This quality manufacturing is second to none.


Our caravan manufacturing facility integrates extensive quality control measures that ensure that every caravan leaving the production line meets the highest standards of quality and performance.


With a 5 year Structural warranty you can be assured of the build quality of our vans.

Our commitment to excellence in customer service is why you can trust us to provide the support you need long after your purchase. Our factory team and dealerships excel in customer service, providing you with peace of mind and worry-free travelling wherever you maybe in Australia.