Sharing many of the same features of the Semi Off Road Trackline such as - Aluminium frame, aluminium composite walls, solar panels 2 x 160w, 2 x 120amp AGM Batteries, 30a Solar Regulator, 6" extended A frame and 265/75 16" wheels with a quality Australian G&S chassis, as an added bonus, this off road van comes with a control rider twin shock suspension and 4" raiser. 

To top it all off, Trackline Off-Road won the prestigious 2017 Alko Van of the year.


Making this the perfect van to tackle those outback tracks.

From 15' single axle to 20' 6" tandem axle, take your pick and hit the road.


Peter Quilty, our BAV judge who took the Legend Trackline Off-Road for a spin mere months before, reckoned it was just begging for tougher terrain.


Fast forward to Best Aussie Vans where, under the intense scrutiny of our judging panel, the Trackline earned many plaudits for its strengthto- weight ratio, offroad potential, tour-ability and comforts off-the-grid. So what was it that stood out? 




The Trackline Off-Road pretty cool bit of gear. Designed to be the perfect compromise between a luxury tourer and an off-road beast, it’s a great blend for the adventurous at heart.

A quick glance at the chassis and you just know it means business. It all sits on a 6in Aussie-made chassis with a 4in riser, it runs a few extra support beams which go a heck of a long way in terms of strength and off-road reliability.


The suspension system was a massive strong point for this caravan. It’s made by G&S, and is a seriously tough looking bit of gear that just oozes strength and ability. the mounting position of the shock absorbers – 90 degree angle, which I prefer to slanted versions these days. 


Weight wise, it scales in at a handy 2400-2500kg while maintaining a 3500kg ATM, so you’ve got a well appointed 1000kg payload – perfect for touring!

The weight’s kept in check thanks to the full aluminium machine riveted Frame designed to add plenty of strength to the whole package.



Inside the strong outer shell you will find all the luxuries and top quality appliances you’ll need for an extended trip around our great continent or for a long stays camped beside a river in our mountains. 


The practical kitchen has a four-burner gas top, a full size oven and- microwave with a 190L three-way fridge ( as standard , 2way Fridge Optional ) with sturdy cupboards and Soft Close drawers and smart looking benchtops. Across the back end of the van is a roomy ensuite while down the front end is a large queen-sized bed.

Off-grid capability is impressive to say the least (even if there is no outside kitchen) with not only two 160W solar panels and two 120Ah AGM batteries but also two 95L water tanks and one 110L grey water tank.



If the aim of building the Trackline was for an offroad van that’s not ex- cessively heavy, has just about all the desired contemporary features and a comfortable living interior, then we have achieved it for the most part. Underneath the van, the independent suspension and ground clearance satisfies the offroad part of things. While still underneath,

the RHS railed chassis with C section cross members shows some effort at weight reduction.

Fitting the comfortable lifestyle component is the front island bed and rear bathroom layout.

It comes with all the essentials and more, best illustrated by the neatly recessed hinged footrests at the end of the cafe dinette seating. It doesn’t stop there of course, outside on the drawbar is a large Tool box which contains 1 slide for Generator and another slide for Portable fridge or BBQ, also all of this is protected with mesh Stone Guard.

For remote travel, the two 120Ah deep cycle batteries, two 160W solar panels two 95L water tanks and one 110ltr Grey Water ensure the facility to stay away from civilisation for an extended period of time. Adding to all of that is the simple fact that the Trackline van has a good look about it as well.



This is an impressive beast offroad van representing great value for money in a package. 


Travel height is just a touch over 3m and while the Tare on 19'6" is 2400-2500kg the ATM is 3.5 tonne giving it a payload of 1000kg and putting it definitely into ‘Cruiser or big rig tow territory.


The chassis is a 6in G&S Supagal frame(Optional extra Hot Dipped Galvanised ) riding on a G&S Control Rider independent Dual or Single Axle - coil suspension which is backed up by 12in brakes all round. Finishing off the ride department, 16in alloy wheels are shod with allterrain tyres. 


The body of the van is built around a fully machine rivited alloy frame and covered in smooth, good looking ali-comp cladding which is, of course, insulated. Befitting an offroad van and adding to the tough, go-anywhere look, the bottom section of the walls are all covered in tough checkerplate.



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